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The reasons of bad dust removal effect of raymond mill

It will cause the environment pollution and be bad for the workers’ health if the raymond mill dust removal effect is not good. It means that the process of raymond mill can’t meet the requirement of environment protection. Whatever from which aspect, this problem should be solved in time, and which reasons lead to this phenomenon?

The raymond mill dust removal effect is not good, which maybe caused by the following reasons:

1、If raymond mill is equipped with bag dust removal, and the filtration area is too small, the actual air volume is insufficient, so it is difficult to form micro-negative pressure in the dust-removing cover and cavity of the equipment feeding opening, which lead to lots of dust;

2、If the material with a high water content, then the dust particle flow into dust removal is bigger than the dry material, the feeder is easy to block, which will increase the ventilation resistance of the bag dust removal, reduce ventilation capacity, lead to a serious dust;

3、The process that material drop from the transportation belt, both of the material and air fall into the enclosed dust hood, dust-laden gas diffuses out of the hood through gaps and openings in the wall of the hood, polluting the environment;

4、If the daily maintenance of dust removal is not good, which not only affects normal dust removal, but also increases equipment maintenance workload.

We introduce the reasons why the raymond mill dust removal effect is not good, it mainly includes four aspects: filter area selection, high water content material, material drop and bad maintenance, so we should do a better job in these aspects so that your raymond mill with a good dust removal effect.

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