HD1500 New Raymond Mill


Product features:
The machine has the following characteristics:
one The main machine has advanced structure: the grinding roller and magic ring are increased, and the blade is increased to improve the grinding surface and grinding force to increase the output.
2. Improvement of reducer: the reducer is a new type of reducer. The speed of the main engine can be changed from a single speed to appropriately adjust the speed of the main engine according to the needs of users, and increase the grinding force to increase the output.
3. Classifier improvement: the classifier adopts a built-in large vane cone turbine classifier, and the particle size of the finished product is arbitrarily adjusted within 80-400 mesh, which improves the classification accuracy and air flow passing area.
4. Improvement of cyclone collector: the cyclone collector adopts super large cyclone collector with high collection efficiency.
5. Fan improvement: the blower adopts high-pressure fan, the wind pressure is doubled, and the strength conveying capacity is greatly improved.
6. High output and low energy consumption: the output is increased by more than 20-30% on the basis of the output of the original 5r4218 mill.

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