HD2500 Super large grinding mill


Characteristics of super large pulverizer
1. Reduce grinding roller, reduce vibration and increase output: according to the design and calculation, according to the grinding conditions of various types of models, reduce grinding roller and increase grinding space when the grinding force is sufficient, and the material layer between grinding roller and grinding ring is well filled, so as to reduce the wear of grinding roller and grinding ring and reduce vibration and noise. At the same time, the resistance of fan air flow becomes smaller, the wind direction flows smoothly, and the air volume is greatly increased. It plays a decisive role in increasing output. The output is 20-30% higher than that of traditional R Raymond mill.
2. The grinding roller linkage pressurization technology can enhance the grinding capacity and increase the output by 20% under the same power.
3. The original strong sealing grinding roller assembly increases the refueling time by 6 ~ 15 times, and realizes refueling once every 30-45 days.
4. High efficiency and stability: the grinding roller and grinding ring are always in contact during operation, so as to improve the grinding efficiency and reliability.
5. High powder classification accuracy without coarsening: variable frequency turbine classifier is adopted, with classification accuracy of 80-600 mesh, classification efficiency of 99%, stable and adjustable powder selection. Compared with the blade type, it greatly improves the powder separation efficiency and the qualified rate of final products.
6. High efficiency and energy-saving centrifugal fan: the fan plays a vital role in the whole operation process of the pulverizer. HD series pendulum pulverizer adopts high-efficiency impeller energy-saving fan, and the efficiency is greatly improved compared with the straight blade type.
7. Low noise and low vibration: through the above set of reasonable matching, compared with peers, HD series pendulum mill has the characteristics of high output, high qualified rate, low vibration and low noise in grinding powder in the range of 325-400 mesh.

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