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New technology of raw material preparation in ceramic industry

China is the largest country in ceramic production in the world. In the process of ceramic production, the energy consumed by raw material processing accounts for a large proportion. At the same time, raw material processing technology also determines the quality of ceramic products. Ball milling equipment is one of the main mechanical equipment of ceramic factory, and its power consumption accounts for about 30% of the total power consumption of ceramic factory. Therefore, how to improve the efficiency of ball mill, reduce energy consumption and reduce production cost is very important to the development of enterprises. With the rapid development of the ceramic industry, in addition to the innovation of ceramic tile products, the urgency of ceramic machinery and equipment enterprises and raw material chemical enterprises to force upgrading and progress is becoming stronger and stronger. Only the continuous innovation of raw material preparation technology can promote the development of ceramic industry to high-tech industry.
At present, the grinding equipment in the ceramic industry is mainly ball mill. Ball mill is the earliest and most widely used grinding equipment. In the ball milling and pulping production process of domestic building and sanitary ceramics industry, aluminum pebble or natural pebble is mainly used as the ball milling medium of the ball mill, which is grinded in proportion to the grinding raw materials. There are some disadvantages of the ball mill, such as low operation efficiency, long time, low output, high power consumption and large loss of pebble, It increases the production and operation cost, and then affects the further development of the industry.
A lot of work has been done to improve the grinding efficiency and energy saving of ball mill at home and abroad. The research results show that the mechanical efficiency of ball mill is only 2% ~ 5%. Although the ball mill has been continuously improved and developed for many years, and has developed large ball mill and continuous ball mill, on the whole, improving the mechanical efficiency of the ball mill from the mechanical structure has almost reached the technical limit.
In order to deeply explore the new progress and existing problems in the new preparation technology of the ceramic industry and promote the scientific and technological progress of the ceramic industry, Foshan Science and Technology Association and Foshan Ceramic Society hosted the 2014 New Technology Forum on raw material preparation of the ceramic industry on November 26, 2014. Its purpose and original intention is to promote the development of raw material processing technology and equipment in the direction of high efficiency and energy saving, Realize transformation and upgrading. This is the first high-level forum specially held for the new technology of raw material preparation in the development of building ceramics industry for many years.

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