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Global graphite consumption structure, trade pattern and application trend

The world is rich in natural graphite resources. According to the statistics of USGS (U.S. Geological Survey), in 2015, the global proven natural graphite reserves were about 230 million tons, of which 98% were concentrated in Turkey, Brazil, China and India, with reserves of 90 million tons, 72 million tons, 55 million tons and 8 million tons respectively.
China is a large country of graphite resources. In addition to meeting the huge domestic demand for graphite, graphite production is also exported to Japan and European countries. For a long time, it has played the role of the world’s largest supplier of natural graphite resources. In recent years, with the application of new graphite materials in emerging industries, countries all over the world pay more and more attention to graphite resources.
As the world’s largest producer and consumer of graphite, it is of great significance to grasp the application of graphite resources and the changes of international trade pattern in the future to promote the rational development of graphite resources.
As early as the early 1990s, Xu Jingya and others analyzed and predicted the application and market of natural graphite, and pointed out the main development direction of graphite products at that time.
Cui Yuansheng summarized the current situation of graphite resources, production, consumption and international trade at home and abroad, and analyzed and prospected the future international graphite Market and domestic graphite industry.
Yan Lingya systematically analyzed the general situation, demand, consumption and international trade of world graphite resources, and put forward that graphite will remain stable in traditional application fields. Due to worldwide technological innovation and breakthrough, graphite will be more and more widely used in high-precision and cutting-edge fields.
Chuanxiu cloud analyzed the development prospect of graphite products in various fields of traditional and new industries in detail. It believed that with the development of science, technology and industry, graphite would be used as a new functional material and structural material in the high-tech field. It suggested that the quality characteristics of production products should be determined according to the needs and uses of graphite products, so as to save costs and resources.
Bai et al. Studied the impact of many factors on China’s Graphite trade and the interaction between import and export volume and price.
Gao Tianming and others predict that by 2020, China’s demand for graphite will reach 1 million tons, the demand of refractory industry will decrease, and the demand of sealing, braking materials, lubrication, adsorbent and battery electrode will double.

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