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Purpose and method of pressing graphite material for graphite processing

At present, most carbon and graphite products are produced by extrusion. Molding method is often used to produce cold pressed graphite with small size or products with fine structure. Sometimes prebaked anode is also pressed by backlog method. Today, north electric carbon graphite processing introduces the purpose and method of graphite material pressing.
The pressed paste is just pressed into the required shape and size by the pressure equipment and the semi-finished product (green blank) with high density. Extrusion method and molding method are commonly used in carbon and graphite products industry. Recently, a “vibration forming” method has also been applied in the carbon and graphite products industry.
The extrusion method is to put the paste into the paste cylinder of the press for extrusion. The corresponding front of the press is equipped with a replaceable extrusion circle (exchange the cross-sectional shape and size of the product). A movable baffle is set in front of the mouth, and behind the paste cylinder is the main plunger of the press.
Before pressurization, block the rice at the mouth. During pressurization, the pressure does not move forward, indicating that the discharge is compressed. When the baffle is removed to continue pressurizing, the paste is squeezed out of the extrusion mouth. Cut the extruded strip into the required length and stack it after cooling and sticking. Extrusion hair is semi continuous production, that is, after adding a certain amount of paste, several products (graphite block and graphite material) can be extruded continuously. Therefore, the production efficiency of extrusion method is much higher than that of film pressing method.
The molding method is to put a certain amount of paste into the mold with the required shape and size, and then pressurize it from the upper or lower part. Sometimes, a certain pressure is applied to the paste from the upper and lower directions at the same time, so that the paste is compressed and formed in the mold. The pressed semi-finished products are demoulded, cooled, inspected and stacked. Molding equipment includes vertical press and horizontal press. The molding method can only press one piece of product at a time, which has low production efficiency. However, it can make some products that can not be made by extrusion method

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