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Raymond mill for processing 250 mesh limestone powder

In the actual production process, due to the difference in the characteristics of materials in different fields, we often choose the different grinding equipment according to specific requirements. This is often confusing for many customers who are new to the industry. For example, what kind of equipment do I need to process 250-mesh powder? Does limestone grinding with any requirements for equipment? The problem, then here today, let us take a look at what kind of equipment should be selected for processing 250 mesh limestone powder.

Limestone is a commonly used building material and industrial raw material. Its main component is calcium carbonate, which can be directly processed into stone or burned into quicklime. The quicklime absorbs moisture or adds water to become slaked lime, and the slaked lime can be blended with lime slurry, lime paste, etc., as a coating material and a tile adhesive.

Processing 250 mesh limestone powder, I recommend Guilin Hengda’s HD series Raymond mill to you. It has the following advantages.

1.High capacity and low consumption, the output is increased by 20%-30% compared with traditional Raymond machine, impeller type fan is used, which efficiency is higher than straight blade type fan, once oil can be used for 30-45 days;

2.Powder classification accuracy is higher, without coarseness missing, the accuracy is 80-600 mesh, classification efficiency of 99%;

3.Efficient and stable, grinding roller and grinding ring always contact during operation; environmental protection, low vibration, low noise.

Processed Material: It’s applied to non-metallic minerals, such as feldspar, calcite, limestone, talc, barite, rare earth, marble, phosphate ore, kaolin, bentonite, gypsum, Perlite diatomite, dolomite etc.

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Hengda specializes in Raymond machines for more than 20 years, specializing in customized high-efficiency and low-consumption grinders.

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