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The working principle and structure of Raymond mill are introduced

The working principle of

This machine is composed of crusher, hoist, storage hopper, electromagnetic vibration feeder, blower, main engine, analysis machine, cyclone collector, pipeline system, dust hopper, electric control cabinet, etc. (see the following figure).

Material of the crusher into less than 20 mm of material, after the hoist to storage hopper, again by electromagnetic vibrating feeder quantitative uniform continuous grinding into host cavity, host cavity supporting roller device in plum flower rack rotating around the center axis, roller swing outward under the action of centrifugal force, so that the roller compaction of ring, roller grinding roller rotation around at the same time. The crushed material is raised by the rotating shovel and thrown between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and the grinding roller rolls after grinding and grinding. Grinding powder was blower air blow to the host at the top of the sieve analysis machine points, fine through the host is still fall into heavy grinding, fineness is specifications into the cyclone collector with the wind, after collection by the powder tube eduction is the finished product, finished product size can be as high as 600 mesh), after purification, the air flow by the pipe at the top of the cyclone collector into the air blower, the wind road is circular. Except the blower to the grinding room is under positive pressure, the air flow in the pipeline is under negative pressure, and the indoor sanitary conditions are good. Due to water cut of vaporized during grinding material for gas, pipeline flange joint, in the place such as inlet gas discharged into air duct in circulation wind air volume increase in the road, more than the increase air volume between the blower and the host duct leading to dust, dust collection bucket on the face have holes, each hole on a bundle of a dust bag, hanging afterwinds airflow through a bag, The dust is collected by the bag into the dust collector, and the purified gas flows through the bag to discharge the atmosphere.

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