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Why is your mill less efficient than others? Understanding these four factors will stop you from worrying

Grinding machine is widely used in the grinding and processing of mineral products and materials in the fields of metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and so on. According to the fineness of the milled materials and the fineness of the discharged materials, the mills can be divided into many types, such as Raymond mill, ultra-fine mill, etc. The production efficiency of pulverizer directly affects the profits of manufacturers. We must pay more attention to the factors affecting the production efficiency of pulverizer in production. Today, Xiaobian will discuss with you what factors affect the production efficiency of the pulverizer.
Material hardness
Material hardness is an important factor affecting the production efficiency of pulverizer. The harder the material, the more difficult it is to process, and the more serious the wear of the equipment. When the material hardness is high, the grinding speed of the mill is very slow, the grinding capacity is small and the production efficiency is low. Therefore, in the daily use of the equipment, materials with appropriate hardness shall be ground in strict accordance with the instructions of the pulverizer.
Material humidity
Each type of grinding equipment has different requirements for material water content, but no matter which type of equipment, its production efficiency will be greatly affected by water content. When the water content of the material is high, the material is easy to adhere in the pulverizer, and it is also easy to be blocked in the process of blanking and conveying, resulting in the reduction of the pulverizing capacity and production efficiency of the pulverizer. At the same time, the circulating air duct and the discharge port of the analyzer will also be blocked, so the water content of the material needs to be controlled. Generally, the water content of the material can be controlled through drying operation before production.
Material composition
The fine powder contained in the material will also affect the production efficiency of the mill. Because these fine powders are easy to adhere and affect transportation. When the material contains more fine powder, it is easy to adhere to the equipment during grinding, affecting the transportation. For such materials with more fine powder, they shall be screened once in advance.
Finished product particle size
The higher the user’s requirements for the particle size of the finished product of the material, the smaller the grinding capacity of the mill. Because the materials need to be ground in the mill for a longer time, there are relatively few finished products produced in the same time, and the production efficiency is reduced. If you have high requirements for the discharge particle size of materials, you can add other equipment according to your production capacity and economic strength to ensure production efficiency.
In addition to the external factors described above, there are also some internal factors that will also affect the production efficiency of the pulverizer, such as improper operation of the operator, insufficient lubrication of the equipment, etc. In the actual production, we should avoid these problems in time according to the actual situation, so as to improve the production efficiency of the equipment and ensure the economic benefits of the enterprise.

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