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Environmental protection and limited production of multiple varieties of alumina powder enterprises are facing the pressure of rising costs

Industrial alumina is the raw material for the production of many kinds of alumina. In this industrial system, industrial alumina is a river, and many kinds of alumina are tributaries. The price fluctuation of industrial alumina has a direct impact on the production cost of multi variety alumina enterprises, but it will generally lag by 1-2 months.
Recent price fluctuation of industrial alumina
From the market in the first half of the year, industrial alumina has been affected by multiple factors, with ups and downs like a roller coaster. At the beginning of 2017, the price dropped from about 3000 yuan to about 2200 yuan below the cost price in June. After nearly two months of recovery, the current price has risen to about 2500 yuan. For the fluctuation of industrial alumina price, the small editor of powder circle consulted Professor Sun zhiang, an expert in the field of alumina. He said: “the price of industrial alumina is mainly affected by the following factors: 1. The demand of electrolytic aluminum plant changes; 2. The tight supply of raw materials and ores; 3. The output of aluminum oxide plant (affected by market supply and demand, environmental protection factors, etc.); 4. Seasonal price fluctuations, such as before the Spring Festival, generally rise slightly.”. As a bulk commodity, the price of industrial alumina is subject to many interference factors, and the guidance of national policy regulation has become the main reason many times.
Multi variety alumina enterprises are facing the pressure of cost increase
, the cost of purchasing raw materials has been rising slowly, while the acceptance capacity of the downstream is limited. Therefore, the cost pressure has been increasing, especially under the heavy pressure of environmental protection, the prices of various raw materials have increased rapidly. In addition, it will soon encounter the impact of limited production of heating in winter, and the “2 + 26” cities of Beijing Tianjin Hebei gas pollution transmission channel will be basically limited. According to people familiar with the matter, Shandong Province plans to limit the production of alumina and electrolytic aluminum by more than 30% from November 15 to March 15, 2018.
With the deepening of supply side reform, the improvement of environmental protection requirements and the coming production reduction order, the production cost of alumina powder will continue to rise. Enterprises can only choose to produce high value-added products through industrial upgrading, or reduce the production cost of unit products, so as to reduce the difficulties caused by the cost pressure of purchasing raw materials.

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