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Bauxite under the implementation of aluminum supply side reform policy

China is in the transition period of industrialization, and the demand for mineral resources is also high. If we want to complete the whole new industrialization transformation stage and take mineral resources as the most basic material support, it is difficult for China’s mineral import to reduce significantly in a long time. Especially with the development of rail transit in recent years, China’s demand for aluminum products has been high, which makes the import of bauxite rise year by year. According to comprehensive analysis, at least before the completion of industrial transformation, China’s import of mineral resources represented by bauxite will continue to rise, and its external dependence on mineral resources will remain high.
Since this year, China has implemented the aluminum supply side reform policy, making major aluminum production enterprises reduce production in response, which has had a certain impact on the import of bauxite to a certain extent. However, from the overall data, the import of bauxite in China still maintains an upward trend year by year at a certain speed.
Facing the current situation of low support capacity of aluminum resources in China, China should make full use of domestic and international resources, accelerate scientific and technological progress and walk out of a path of sustainable development. It mainly includes two ways: one is to increase the recovery of waste aluminum resources and increase the proportion of recycled aluminum in aluminum consumption; Second, strengthen overseas cooperation, actively guide domestic enterprises to actively go global, and strive to indirectly transform foreign aluminum resources into resources used by China.
It is expected that Australia, Guinea, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Ghana, etc. will become a long-term and stable supplier of bauxite in China in the future; Medium and short-term stable suppliers: Solomon, Montenegro, Vietnam, Fiji, Indonesia, etc; Potential expected suppliers: Guyana, Dominica, Sierra Leone, Jamaica, Laos, Madagascar, etc.

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