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1. When the new machine is put into operation, the loosening of the connecting bolts should be checked frequently, especially the loosening of the bolts of the main machine and the main machine roller grinding device. 2, roller, grinding ring, shovel knife and other wearing parts should be replaced in time after wear, replacement of roller, should be replaced at the same time two sets of roller grinding device, in order to ensure the stability of the host. When disassembling the plum blossom frame cover, it should be marked, and the assembly is not allowed to replace the assembly. 3, the machine every 350 hours of work, the main machine roller device should be removed and cleaned, the dirty oil, dust and other cleaning, sealing parts broken to replace, if the internal is too dirty or after two or three cleaning cycle should be removed and cleaned. The following points should be noted when disassembling the roller assembly :(see figure 4) (1) The cleaning site should be clean and dust free. (2) Nut 1, nut 13, slotted nut 19 are anti-tooth nuts, should pay attention to the rotation. (3) Copper bars should be padded when knocking the machine parts. (4) Both bearings are lubricated with 3# molybdenum disulfide grease, and it is advisable to fill half of the bearing clearance with grease. (5) The wool felt ring should be soaked in sufficient oil. (6) The oil on the joint surface between parts 6 and 9 should be dried. (7) Hexagonal bolt application force tightening, tightening force is about 25 kg meters, in order to prevent the bolts loose under vibration, all bolts and nuts of the device should be tightened (tightened nut 12, 13, should make the bearing in the axial direction of 0.10 ~ 0.15mm clearance), loose device should be reliable. (8) Seal 5 is pressed by slotted nut 19. The degree of pressure of slotted nut should not be too tight or too loose. It is appropriate to rotate the roller shaft flexibly. (9) After assembly, the roller should rotate flexibly. 4. The mill should be overhauled once every 2500 hours, and the rotating mechanism should be disassembled and washed. The worn parts should be repaired or replaced to ensure the normal operation of the machine. (See Figure 15) 5. Common faults and troubleshooting methods when the mill is working

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