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Analysis on functions, advantages and disadvantages of Guilin vertical mill

1、 Function of vertical mill
(1) The function of the vertical mill is the most important function of the vertical mill. It is almost competent to grind ultra-fine materials with the vertical mill. For the embedded ore with fine particle size, it undoubtedly needs fine grinding or even ultra-fine grinding. With the excellent material performance of material science and technology, the vertical mill can meet these requirements. The application fields of vertical mill include metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical industry, material industry, medicine, cosmetics, etc.
(2) There are many kinds of mixing equipment with mixing function, but most of them are mixing without changing the particle size of materials, and the mixing effect is naturally limited. By using the vertical mill to mix the materials, the materials can be finely ground to form a fresh surface and enhance the mixing effect between the materials.
(3) Shaping function the use of some materials does not require grinding, but requires a certain shape. For example, quartz sand used as molding sand requires its shape to be approximately spherical, others such as silicon carbide, zinc oxide and diamond also require its shape to be approximately spherical, while sillimanite requires its shape to be needle, etc. The vertical mill can realize this shaping function, so that the irregular quartz sand, silicon carbide, zinc oxide, diamond, etc. become approximately spherical, and the shape of sillimanite is needle.
(4) The stripping function is not enough to grind the flake materials such as mica, graphite and kaolin. It is also required to peel the materials layer by layer and preserve their flake structure. This flake structure is very important for their subsequent use. The vertical mill provides this function. It can not only grind the materials, but also peel the materials layer by layer to make the materials flake. By controlling the operating parameters of the vertical mill, the diameter of the flake can be as large as possible on the premise of realizing the stripping function.
2、 Characteristics of vertical mill (1) high grinding efficiency. The vertical mill uses the material bed grinding principle to grind materials. The energy consumption is low. The power consumption of the grinding system is 30% lower than that of the ball milling system, and the power saving effect is more significant with the increase of raw material moisture. (2) with large drying capacity, gas is used to transport materials in the vertical mill, and the inlet air temperature can be controlled when grinding materials with large moisture content (such as coal / slag, etc.), To make the product reach the final moisture content, the vertical mill can dry materials with moisture content up to 12-15%. Even the ball mill can only dry materials with moisture content of 3% – 4%. For materials with high moisture content such as slag. (3) the process flow is simple. There is a separator in the vertical mill, which uses hot flue gas to transport materials without powder concentrator and elevator, The dust containing gas from the mill can be directly collected into the bag dust collector as the product. Therefore, the vertical mill system has the advantages of simple process, low failure rate, high operation rate and compact layout. The building area is about 70% of the ball mill system and the building space is about 50% – 60% of the ball mill system

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