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The transformation of the development of mining machinery industry

At present, China’s policy adjustment in mineral mining and resource utilization has increased the cost of mineral development and utilization, which has brought great turbulence to the market of mineral grinding equipment. At the same time, it also puts forward new requirements for the performance and production cost of grinding equipment and other equipment. The government also pays more attention to the development and utilization of metal and non-metallic resources, Such a market prospect is a good trend for the development of milling equipment and mining industry. Facing this situation, I believe that improving the ability of independent innovation will become an important support to improve the overall quality of milling equipment. We must strengthen technological innovation, integrate scientific and technological resources, rely on major scientific and technological projects, break through core and key technologies, and develop intelligence is the key. Accelerating integration and taking the road of high-end products through independent innovation is not only the way for the milling equipment industry to adapt to the transformation of the current economic development mode, but also the direction of the continuous development of milling equipment in China!
Mining machinery manufacturing industry is the basis for the country to establish an independent industrial system and an important symbol to measure a country’s industrial strength. It is a pillar industry of the national cement equipment economy. According to the national industrial policy of focusing on supporting the development of basic industries such as energy, transportation and raw materials, mining machinery, as the pillar of these basic industries, should be given priority by the state, In order to further develop and improve, provide more high-quality and efficient equipment with international advanced level for the development of coal, metal and non-metal mines, and meet the needs of national economic development for energy and raw materials. Therefore, the development of mining machinery industry has a great impact on the development of the country, Under the guidance of national policies, the mining machinery and equipment manufacturing industry should accelerate the pace of technological reform of machinery and equipment enterprises, organize production and allocate resources according to market demand, optimize product structure, explore markets, increase revenue and reduce expenditure under market demand, so as to achieve longer-term development, and form an enterprise entity with manufacturing and development ability, engineering ability and innovation ability, Build machinery and equipment enterprises into modern mining machinery and equipment enterprise groups with market competitiveness and anti risk ability, strive to provide complete sets of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment to the mining industry, take reducing the risk and investment of mining users as the starting point, and make positive contributions to the development of China’s mining machinery and equipment industry.
Milling equipment innovation itself is a kind of culture, especially when independent innovation becomes the main thrust of an industry, the development of the industry has a continuous driving force. The competition of industry and even milling equipment industry is the competition of culture. A key issue around independent innovation is the respect for knowledge, talents and knowledge products. China’s milling equipment industry has made many useful contributions on the road of independent innovation and has done very well on the road of adhering to independent brands. It has not only realized the self-development of the industry and strengthened the self-confidence of the industry, but also should become an example of many milling equipment industries in China

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