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Preparation before starting the mill

1. Preparations before starting: (1) The following items must be checked before starting: Is the power supply voltage consistent with the requirements? It is not allowed to start when the voltage is lower than 360 VOLTS. Check whether the electrical circuit meets the requirements of the drawings. (2) Check whether the connecting bolts and fastening screws are tightened, especially the application force of the connecting bolts and fastening screws in the host. (3) Check whether the tightness of the transmission belt is appropriate. Rotate the belt pulley of the motor of the main machine by hand. The main machine should rotate flexibly and open the door to check whether the grinding roller rotates flexibly. (4) Check whether the handle of the regulating valve of the blower inlet pipe is in the “off” position. (5) Check whether the tightness of the hoist chain is appropriate. (6) Lubrication each refueling point according to the provisions of the refueling lubrication table, and check whether there is oil leakage everywhere. (7) Adjust the size of the discharge port of the jaw crusher according to the nature of the material, the maximum is not more than 20 mm. (8) check whether the rotation of each motor is correct :(a) the rotation direction of the host motor should ensure that the central axis of the host machine rotates clockwise from above. (b) The rotation direction of the mechanical and electrical machine should ensure that the rotation direction of the blade turntable is clockwise, and the pulley shaft end of the analysis machine (not the pulley of the speed regulating motor) should rotate clockwise. (c) The direction of the blower: the pulley end of the blower should rotate counterclockwise (9) Check the electric control cabinet: Due to the shaking of the transportation process, the manufacturer is afraid of the contact of the current relay being damaged, so it is bound with a white wire before leaving the factory. The white wire must be loosened before starting the machine, otherwise the transfer switch cannot be “automatic”.

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