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New situation of foreign exchange earning control over the export of raw materials of mineral resources in China

At the tense moment when the WTO initially ruled that China’s export of raw materials of mineral resources violated the regulations, the Ministry of mineral resources gradually led the “domestic lime powder production conference” in Shanghai on September 5. The conference was led and led by the Ministry of mineral resources. More than 200 representatives from the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of territory, the Ministry of environmental protection and the General Administration of customs, as well as the production supervisor in the main lime powder producing areas in China, the organization (Society) of Mining Associations and the manufacturers of lime powder export foreign exchange earning mills attended the conference. Although it is deliberately low-key, the theme of this conference is extremely noteworthy: it has triggered public opinion war at home and abroad and troubled the regulation of a “key” export foreign exchange earning quota of lime powder mining industry.
“In the future, the amount of lime powder will cooperate with the integration of lime powder and tilt to the large-scale production mill manufacturers merged and reorganized,” Zhong Shan, Vice Minister of mineral resources, said at the conference. He also stressed that the Ministry of mineral resources will cooperate with relevant individual names to strictly crack down on illegal export to earn foreign exchange, and reopen lime powder speculation contracts. Zhong Shan said that at present, there is a lack of connection between the lime powder production order and the amount of export foreign exchange earning, so it is necessary to further improve the regulation, supervision and inspection of lime powder export foreign exchange earning, do a good job in the connection between trade policies, laws and regulations and industrial policies, laws and regulations, and incorporate the lime powder environmental protection standards and the mining access standards to be exported into the qualification preconditions and necessary conditions of export foreign exchange earning mill manufacturers.
At present, China’s policy adjustment in mineral mining and resource utilization has increased the cost of mineral development and utilization, which has brought great turbulence to the market of mineral grinding equipment. At the same time, it also puts forward new requirements for the performance and production cost of grinding equipment and other equipment. The government also pays more attention to the development and utilization of metal and non-metallic resources, Such a market prospect is a good trend for the development of milling equipment and mining industry. Facing this situation, I believe that improving the ability of independent innovation will become an important support to improve the overall quality of milling equipment. We must strengthen technological innovation, integrate scientific and technological resources, rely on major scientific and technological projects, break through core and key technologies, and develop intelligence is the key. Accelerating integration and taking the road of high-end products through independent innovation is not only the way for the milling equipment industry to adapt to the transformation of the current economic development mode, but also the direction of the continuous development of milling equipment in China!

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