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What grinding equipment is used for construction waste treatment

In recent years, energy conservation and environmental protection has always been the most important task in today’s society, and the stacking and transportation problems caused by construction waste as abandoned waste, as well as the environmental pollution problems caused by the scattering and flying dust and sand in the process of cleaning, transportation and stacking, are regarded as the burden of urban development. In order to create a road of rebirth for construction waste, we can only rectify the disorderly stacking of construction waste from the source and carry out resource treatment of construction waste.
In fact, after professional treatment, construction waste can not only be reused as construction aggregate, but also be used to process recycled bricks, a green recycled building material product strongly advocated by government departments. It not only reuses waste, but also reduces resource waste. It is an effective implementation method of energy conservation and environmental protection. Crusher and pulverizer are effective equipment for construction waste treatment and processing.
In the early days, people usually used jaw crusher, cone crusher and other gravel equipment for coarse crushing in the treatment of construction waste. Recycled aggregate is treated and processed with this concept and then applied to construction engineering. Nowadays, simple fine crushing processing can not meet the needs of comprehensive reuse of construction waste. The addition of pulverizer can further improve the application field of construction waste. As a stone powder processing equipment, the pulverizer is mainly based on the concept of fine grinding processing to process the construction waste into fine powder or even 80-800 mesh or more, so as to regenerate the construction waste into green recycled building materials products such as solid brick, hollow brick, colored Dutch brick, permeable brick, square brick and grass planting brick.
The application of pulverizer makes the treatment of construction waste more thoroughly processed. It also allows many investors to see major business opportunities. In today’s market with a wide variety of pulverizers, selecting high-quality construction waste treatment equipment is the primary problem. As a common stone powder processing equipment, high-pressure pulverizer can process all kinds of ore materials below grade 9.3, and the fineness can reach 425-600 mesh. It is a very suitable choice for construction waste with ordinary fineness. If the fineness of the finished product is strictly required to reach 800 mesh or finer, an ultra-fine pulverizer can be selected. This equipment can treat construction waste to 325 mesh – 2500 mesh fineness, which is an effective choice for ultra-fine grinding processing.

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