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Hengda Machinery HD Series Raymond Mill Switch and Precautions

First, the turn on step

  1. Open the air press.
  2. Switch the fan.
  3. Open the material auger.
  4. Open the classifier (after pressing the run button, wait for the panel parameters to stabilize).
  5. Open the fan (after the fan is replaced, open the damper).
  6. Turn on the host (wait until the host is running normally).
  7. Open the feeder.

Second, the shutdown step

  1. Turn off the feeder.
  2. Don’t stop the host until the host current drops to 20-30A higher than the host air current(Note: premature shutdown will cause blockage, too late shutdown will cause empty grinding that is iron grinds iron).
  3. Turn off the fan and close the damper.
  4. Press the classifier inverter stop button, don’t stop the classifieruntil the panel parameters are all to be zero.
  5. Close the auger after 2-3 minutes (Clean the powder inside the dust collector).
  6. Turn off the fan.
  7. Turn off the air press.

Third, matters needing attention

  1. After the new ultrafine mill is turned on for 2 hours, stop it and re-tension the drive belt. Recheck the tightness of the main drive belt after running for 1 day.Check the tightness of the drive belt before turn on the machine every time to prevent belt damage.
  2. There are 5 oiling holes for the hostand the classifier. Add butter once every two to three days.
  3. The fan can be only started after the damper is closed (otherwise the fan is overloaded and cannot be started).
  4. When the fan or classifier is not working, stop feeding immediately (to prevent blocking).
  5. If the hostis out of material (material drops from the bottom), that meansthe feeding amount is too large or the fan air volume is too small, the feeding amount should be reduced immediately, and the fan should be checked (the damper is too small or the fan is damaged).
  6. Sudden power outage or other reasons caused sudden stoppage, check the host belt with handsto check whether it can beturned. If it can be turned, the ultrafine mill can be turned on normally. If it is not moving, it should be cleared from the air inlet and then checked to see if it is rotating. In short, if the belt does not move, it can’t be turned on.
  7. The screws of the main unit are easy to loosen, especially for the body bolts and anchor bolts, so itshould be checked and locked frequently.
  8. If the feeding belt is not fed, check if the smart ammeter is set correctly. The host smart meter J1 is lit (red light) without feeding, and the fan smart meter J2 is lit (green light) without feeding.
  9. If the dust collector has a whistling sound and the fan current is low, it is necessary to check whether the air compressor is on and whether the air of the air compressor enters the dust collector.
  10. After the small motor trips, the thermal relay should be restored and then restarted.

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