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Application field and grinding mill of black talc

Talc is a common silicate mineral with a soft, slippery texture, stability, low hardness, layered structure and lipophilic properties. Talc has a variety of colors, depending on the color of the symbiotic minerals with talc; black talc is a general term for black, gray-black talc, and the inclusion of organic matter is the main cause of its blackening.

In the raw material industry, black talc has developed rapidly in recent years. The main reason is that with the continuous improvement of the quality of raw materials in the ceramic industry, the industry is also constantly exploring the selection and processing technology. At present, black talc has been widely used in China’s ceramic industry application and developed a variety of black talc deep processing products.


The main component of black talc

The main mineral components of black talc are talc, quartz, calcite, organic carbon etc. The color is black to grayish black; the main chemical components are magnesium oxide, silicon oxide, and aluminum oxide, iron oxide, titanium oxide, sodium oxide and potassium oxide. .

Application of black talc

Ceramic industry raw materials

Black talc has process properties that cannot be replaced by other materials. High white porcelain and bone china fired with black talc, also known as talc or magnesia.

Rubber product filler

As a filler for rubber products, black talc has good dispersing properties and certain reinforcement.

Plastic product filler

Two kinds of black talc products are often used in plastic fillers, one is black talc powder and the other is calcined talcum powder.

Paint filler

Due to its soft texture and low abrasiveness, as well as good suspension and dispersibility, talc has been used in the coatings industry.

Other aspects

In special applications, black talc can also be used as a filler and adsorbent for waterproofing raw materials, fertilizers, pesticides and fine chemicals.

Black talc grinding mill

For black talc grinding mill, you can choose raymond mill to grind to 80-600 mesh and ultrafine mill for 600-3000 mesh.

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