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How does the powder industry break its cocoon and regenerate under the environmental storm

Since 2016, starting from the environmental storm, an unprecedented tide of price rise and bankruptcy has swept the country. In the general environment, inorganic non-metallic powder industry, as the most basic raw material for industrial manufacturing, is no exception. With the national environmental protection supervision successively stationed in various places, the environmental protection regulation of Jiande calcium carbonate industry, the environmental protection regulation of calcium carbonate industry in Shangshang town of Quzhou, the regulation of Zibo calcium carbonate industry, the shutdown of Hezhou calcite mine, the illegal sewage discharge of Guizhou barite mine boss was arrested, titanium dioxide enterprises were fined and stopped production, etc. Since September 2016, the national freight rate has increased by 30%, exacerbating the process of “bankruptcy tide” of enterprises. “You have money, I may not have goods” has become a mantra, and “Luoyang paper is expensive” for a time. So, is our inorganic non-metallic powder industry in a dilemma?
As the old saying goes: when you are poor, you want to change. Our view is: there is no closed powder industry, only closed powder enterprises. China’s transformation and upgrading has brought greater development opportunities. The domestic powder industry should have the consciousness of “abandoning being a follower and daring to be a leader” and walk out of its own road of innovation.
[face the reality and take the road of environmental protection development]
It is undeniable that powder production has a great influence on the atmospheric environment. Mining and processing production in the powder industry itself is a huge source of pollution, especially dust, wastewater and noise pollution, which has been criticized by all sectors of society for a long time. This is the reality of our powder industry. We must face it directly. For the sake of the social environment and future generations, we have to accept it if we don’t accept it. There is only a dead end if we don’t change it.
Under the storm of environmental protection, not only the powder industry, but all walks of life across the country are experiencing a transformation process. Therefore, in the development process of our powder enterprises in 2017, we must always tighten the string of “environmental protection”. Only by upgrading and transforming the existing environmental protection facilities to meet the production standards, can we survive. The government’s intention is obvious, that is, to pull down a number of enterprises that do not meet the requirements of environmental protection through the hand of “environmental storm”; Cooperate with the hand of “market” to realize the dream of national green development and power.
[transformation and upgrading, taking the road of technological innovation]
It is not easy for the domestic inorganic non-metallic powder industry to go from scratch to today. Nowadays, facing the multiple pressures of environmental storm, economic downturn and overcapacity in some industries, it is difficult to imitate low-end products, and it is imperative to seek change.
We highly recognize the words of general manager Li Xia: “if an enterprise chases after others every day, it will always be a follower. Finally, your products, your technology and your customers will fall behind. This is something that our manufacturing industry must be vigilant. Only with its own technology can it become a leader and lead the development of this industry.”
[strengthen confidence and take the road of self-improvement and development]
We always believe that, on the one hand, China’s GDP growth is still in the forefront of the world, the annual fixed asset investment is huge, the relevant infrastructure is advancing steadily, and the powder market demand still exists; On the other hand, in the face of increasingly stringent environmental and resource problems, the upgrading of all walks of life in China is imperative. From the whole economic environment and market trend, the demand for high-quality powder products in the domestic market will still exist in the future.
Finally, Li Xia, general manager, is quoted as saying: “in the face of economic downturn, there may be depressed markets and enterprises on the verge of collapse, but there are no closed industries. In an industry, as long as the ranking is high, there is always room for survival and development opportunities.”
As the saying goes: sail against the current, do not advance or retreat. In 2017, the storm of environmental protection and the tide of bankruptcy will run through it, and we have no way back. We should not only strengthen our confidence, but also innovate constantly, sink our heart, body and strength, roll up our sleeves and cheer for the survival of the enterprise and the development of the industry.

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