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Mechanical equipment 5 lubrication parts damage causes and solutions, with practical lubrication skills

The purpose of lubrication management is to prevent the lubrication failure of equipment, reduce the loss caused by overheating and shutdown of equipment, save maintenance costs and reduce the replacement of parts, prolong the service life of equipment, reduce the consumption of lubricants and save the cost of purchasing lubrication materials. Modern mechanical equipment is developing towards the direction of high precision, high efficiency, high speed, heavy load, small, maintenance-free and energy saving, thus putting forward higher requirements for friction parts in mechanical equipment.

1. Failure phenomenon and cause caused by lubrication

1 The machine doesn’t work well

When the equipment is in operation, the movement is sluggish, the speed is uneven, the power consumption is large, it will inevitably produce vibration, noise, and sometimes make the motor overheat, which can not reach the design parameters. If the motor power is increased at this time, it will make the machinery overheat. Transmission components, such as bearings, belts, gears, etc., will be severely damaged. Uploading…

Main reasons:

(1) the friction parts have improperly installed or design defects, such as the sliding bearing gap is too small, and increase the friction, or conversely, clearance is too large, the impact and lubrication is not good, the friction force increases and the movement is not stable, friction parts of components, gap is too big, too small, or the supply of lubricating oil is insufficient, can make poor lubrication components, worsen running condition, etc. Some of the above conditions are improper design, and some are caused by poor processing or assembly.

(2) When the material or combination of moving parts is improper, the selection of lubricating oil is not appropriate, it will also cause movement instability, and easy to cause bite adhesion and adhesive damage.

③ There are foreign bodies mixed in. When abrasive solids such as dust sand invade, it is easy to embed the friction pair and obstruct the movement. Often, particles such as dust sand have more than 0.2 ~ 0.8mm and the hardness is very high. They not only hinder the operation but also cause significant friction.

(4) the wear of the mechanical equipment parts, bite stick, peeling and other damage, will make the motion state deteriorates, and lubrication is difficult to play a role.

Vibration and noise

Mechanical equipment in operation, due to a variety of reasons will produce abnormal vibration and noise, reduce the mechanical performance, will also make the environment is not up to standard, the reason has a great relationship with lubrication.

3 Overtemperature

The resistance of the friction pair increases, and the temperature rises rapidly, under the influence of no heat source, such as bearings and reduction boxes. When the external temperature exceeds 80 ° C, high attention should be paid. They’re tens of degrees hotter inside than they are outside and they’re charred.

Main reasons:

(1) Friction resistance is too large, forced operation and intense heating, such as the sealing device of water pump packing, pressure is too tight, causing serious resistance and heating.

(2) The viscosity of lubricating oil is too large, the amount of oil is too much, so that the operation is too intense stirring, so that the fever, also because of the viscosity of lubricating oil, poor liquidity, poor heat dissipation, etc.

The heat dissipation condition is not good, the ambient temperature is high, the ventilation is poor, and the heat can not be dispersed in time.

(4) Due to running heat, improper clearance adjustment, parts deformation, thermal expansion, will also accelerate the heating of parts.

4 Machinery can’t work

The main performance is mechanical abnormal situation, friction pair bite.

The reasons are: friction part damage, and bite; Serious sand foreign body, as a result of stuck; When the temperature is too high, the state of the friction part deteriorates significantly and the bite adhesion occurs.

2. Damage causes and solutions of lubricating parts of the equipment

When mechanical failure, especially lubrication failure, there are often obvious abnormal phenomenon, but not easy to detect subtle phenomenon is also particularly many, their existence is easy to cause major failure, must be paid attention to.

This requires that when the equipment is in normal operation, the corresponding operators should timely do a variety of records, including noise, vibration, temperature, power consumption and other data, and often check the running status of mechanical equipment, which helps to find subtle faults and solve problems in time, and avoid major losses.

Equipment lubrication failure is mainly what, how to solve the mechanical equipment lubrication failure? The following summarizes various mechanical equipment lubrication parts damage causes and solutions.

1. Causes and solutions of compressor lubrication parts damage

2. Causes and solutions of rolling bearing damage

3. Causes and solutions of sliding bearing damage

4 Sealing packing failure and solutions

Hydraulic oil pump lubrication parts damage and solutions

3. Practical skills of equipment lubrication

(1) Rolling bearings. Lubricated rolling bearings should do: choose a good model; Correct installation, adjust the axial clearance, the machining accuracy of the shaft meets the requirements; Select appropriate oil viscosity and keep the system and oil clean.

(2) the air compressor is a complex of various spare parts, so in terms of its lubrication few differences in particular, the lubrication failure reasons are mostly due to assembly accuracy is not high, and is not caused by a skilled technical operation and maintenance technology, there are also a significant part of the oil contamination and deterioration and inadequate oil supply quantity.

(3) In order to make the sealing device work in a long-term stable condition, it is necessary to make the contact friction surface form a layer of oil film, play the role of lubrication and sealing. The thickness of this layer of oil film is 1μm, so even the use of small damage and deformation of the seal friction surface, will also cause oil leakage, in the use and installation of the seal must be careful. O-ring and lip sealing ring and oil seal are made of synthetic rubber, once damage oil leakage will lead to damage to machinery and equipment, so in use should carefully check the use conditions, such as the nature of oil, pressure, temperature, etc..

(4) The oil pump is developing towards high pressure, high speed and large capacity, so the lubrication of the pump is also very important. The appropriate viscosity, good high wear and bite resistance of the hydraulic working oil must be met. In addition, the pollution prevention management of the working oil is also very important.

The purpose of lubrication management is to prevent the lubrication failure of equipment and reduce the loss caused by the shutdown of mechanical equipment. Improve production, save maintenance costs and reduce parts replacement frequency, prolong the service life of equipment, reduce lubricant consumption. Do well equipment lubrication work is an important content of enterprise management, is an important way to improve economic benefits.

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