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2018 Guangxi calcium carbonate industry new technology exchange forum was successfully held in Nanning

From July 25 to 26, 2018 Guangxi calcium carbonate industry new technology exchange forum was held at Guangxi University, Nanning Yanxiang Zhigu Guangxi calcium carbonate industry Incubation Park, Guangxi University and Yanxiang Zhigu industry university research cooperation base. The forum carried out exchanges and discussions on hot topics such as surface modification and technical innovation in the use of additives in the production of calcium carbonate. The forum was sponsored by Guangxi calcium carbonate industry and Chemical Engineering Institute (Co., Ltd.) and Guangxi calcium carbonate industry association, and co organized by Changshu Gaotai additives Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Wuquan Machinery Co., Ltd.
On the 25th, the forum was held in Guangxi University. The forum was chaired by Tan Quansheng, President of Guangxi calcium carbonate industry association and executive vice president of Guangxi calcium carbonate Industrial Chemical Engineering Institute (Co., Ltd.).
Professor Tong Zhangfa, assistant to the president of Guangxi University, President of the Graduate School of Guangxi University and executive vice president of Guangxi calcium carbonate industrialization engineering institute, delivered a speech. President Tong said that at present, the calcium carbonate industry in Guangxi is developing rapidly with the great attention of the people’s Government of the autonomous region. Calcium carbonate enterprises are facing the problem of technological transformation and upgrading. The key to solving the problem lies in the cultivation of talents. In order to implement the decision and deployment of the autonomous region to accelerate the cultivation and growth of calcium carbonate industry of 100 billion yuan, accelerate the development of calcium carbonate industry in Guangxi, improve the production technology level of calcium carbonate industry in our region, and cultivate and reserve talents for enterprises. Guangxi calcium carbonate Engineering Institute jointly held the forum with Guangxi calcium carbonate industry association. It is hoped that the leaders and guests participating in the forum can express their views on the innovation of new technologies, exchange and confirm each other, and make common progress!

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