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How does bentonite raymond mill maintain optimal production

Bentonite is one of the non-metallic minerals, generally white, light yellow, hardness 1-2, density 2 ~ 3g / cm, due to its unique properties, it can be applied in more than 100 departments in 24 fields of industrial and agricultural production. Among them, for the processing of the mineral, it is generally selected for powder preparation, which is applied to the bentonite raymond mill. The long-term use of raymond mill will reduce the production efficiency, so how to maintain the best bentonite raymond mill manufacturing state?

First of all, in its long-term operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the adjustment of the air volume. The air volume control valve of raymond mill is located on the air intake pipe of the fan. According to the fineness and output requirements of the material, it is generally opened to the maximum position, and for the exhaust pipe located at the exhaust gas outlet. The regulating valve should be adjusted to the inlet without dust emission. In this way, the air volume is small and the fineness of the bentonite is high, but the air volume is not too small.

The second is the adjustment of the fineness of the equipment. The analyzer above the bentonite raymond mill should be adjusted according to the thickness of the bentonite processing. When the rotation speed is high, the fineness is also high. Of course, when the fineness is increased, the output will also be reduction correspondingly, but it can meet the needs of fine powder.

The third is the main part of raymond mill, its replacement or scrapping will affect the performance of the whole bentonite raymond mill. It is generally believed that when the remaining minimum wall thickness of the grinding roller or grinding ring is less than 10 mm, it can be scrapped and replaced with new parts, which facilitates the optimal production state of the equipment. At the same time, it is also forbidden to enter the metal block into the machine, otherwise it will damage the grinding roller and the grinding ring, even the center hanger.

In addition to the above three points, it is beneficial to maintain the optimal production state of bentonite raymond mill. For the uniformity of feeding, lubrication and the matters needing attention during shutdown, these will help the equipment to maintain the best production state.

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