Water bath dust collector

Water bath dust collector


Calcium hydroxide is also called hydrated lime and hydrated lime. The chemical formula is Ca (OH) 2. The preparation method is to dissolve quicklime in water. The relative molecular weight is about 74. Calcium hydroxide is easily soluble. Calcium hydroxide is mainly used in bleaching powder, hard water softener, improving soil acidity, detoxification and clarifier of tap water, construction and other industries.
Product features:
1. Water is recycled without sewage discharge.
2. The equipment is easy to maintain and the maintenance cost is low.
3. The exhaust of the pipeline shall be smooth without blockage, and the sediment shall not be cleaned.
four Discharge standard.
5. It can be used with pulse dust removal.

Model levelblowerblower motorWater pump
XPS-15T二 level4-72-6C11KWISG65-160-4 KWx1ISG65-160B-3 KWx350GW15-20-1.5KWx3
XPS-25T三level4-72-7C15KWISG80-80-125-5.5 KWx2ISG65-160-4 KWx150GW15-25-2.2KWx3
XPS-30T三level4-72-7C18.5KWISG80-80-125-5.5 KWx2ISG65-160-4 KWx250GW15-25-2.2KWx3

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