HD-1700 Super large Raymond mill


Product features:

HD-1700 large mill is my company engineering and technical personnel according to the development of the market needs to research and design a super large mill, equivalent to 6R Raymond machine, is a relatively high cost performance model.

The machine has the following characteristics:

1. High output, low energy consumption: compared with vertical mill, the output of the model is equivalent to φ1250 vertical mill output, but the energy consumption is 3/4 of the vertical mill; Compared with the output of ordinary Ramon machine, its output is equivalent to that of 6 4R3216 Ramon machines, and its energy consumption is 3/4 of that of ordinary type. 130% to 150% higher than 5R4119.

2. Small area: the battlefield area of equipment is 150 square meters. Under the premise of the same output and particle size, the floor area is less than 1/3 of 6 4R3216 Ramon machines (56 square meters per machine), saving plant and infrastructure investment.

3. Advanced host structure: optimized design of host casing structure, smooth operation and low noise; The main engine and analysis machine adopt quick change pressing device, convenient maintenance.

4. Large conveying capacity: blower adopts high-pressure centrifugal fan, air volume and air pressure increase, greatly improving pneumatic conveying capacity.

5. High collection efficiency: cyclone collector adopts parallel double cyclone collector, which improves collection efficiency by 10-15% compared with single cyclone.

6. High classification accuracy: the classifier adopts the built-in squirrel cage cone turbine classifier, and the granularity of the finished product can be adjusted arbitrarily within 80~400 mesh, which improves the classification accuracy and airflow passing area.

7 arc no resistance air duct: the air duct adopts arc no resistance air duct design, reduce wind resistance, reduce air loss, so that the material flow is good, so as to increase the powder selection rate of the analysis machine.

8. New roller grinding device: roller grinding device adopts new strong sealing structure, reliable sealing, its bearings are lubricated by oil, low oil consumption, low maintenance cost.

9. Large amount of shovel: the shovel knife adopts optimized design, and the maximum amount of material is sent to the grinding roller and the grinding ring for grinding. Shovel knife for alloy steel material, durable.

10. Energy saving and bad protection: equipped with pulse bag dust collector, high collection efficiency, workshop environmental health

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