GYM9720 Improved Raymond mill


Technical characteristics:

1.GYM9720 high pressure mill rod assembly is adopted high pressure spring device to increase the grinding force, the grinding force of each grinding rod assembly can increase 500Kg on the original basis, greatly improve the efficiency of pulverizing.

2. Large grinding area: the grinding height of roller and ring increases from 160mm to 200mm.

3. Large amount of shovel: the material is sent to the middle of grinding roller and grinding ring to the maximum extent by increasing the Shanghai knife. 30% higher than 4R3216.

4. High classification accuracy: super large classification turbine is adopted, with high passing rate and large air volume. And the grading impeller seal blade business surface and the powder outlet seal end face to form a palace seal, not easy to form short circuit powder, high grading accuracy.

5. Double cyclone collector: using parallel double cyclone collector, collection efficiency up to 80%, 10% higher than the single cyclone collector collection efficiency.

6. The host adopts buffer device, the host casing structure optimization design, smooth operation, low noise; The main engine and analysis machine adopt quick change pressing device, convenient maintenance.

7. Waste air is collected by cloth bag, no dust pollution.

The blower adopts high-pressure centrifugal fan, which increases the air volume and pressure, greatly improving the pneumatic conveying capacity.

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