5R4128 Improved Raymond mill


Product features:

The machine is improved on the basis of 5R4124, the output is 20% higher than 5R4124 , 30% higher than SR4119, 80%-100% higher than 9720.

The machine has the following characteristics:

1. Reducer adopts new reducer: the host speed can be adjusted according to the different working conditions, to adapt to different hardness of the material.

2. Large amount of shovel: the use of large shovel knife, the maximum extent of the material into the grinding roller and grinding ring.

3. Advanced host structure: structural design of host hood, smooth operation, low noise; The main engine and analysis machine adopt quick change pressing device, convenient maintenance. The base of the main machine is increased, the grinding rod and the grinding ring are increased to 280mm, which increases the grinding area.

4. High classification accuracy: super large classification turbine is adopted, with high passing rate and large air volume. Moreover, the end face of the impeller seal blade and the end face of the powder outlet seal form a palace seal, which is not easy to form short-circuit powder and has high classification accuracy.

5 arc no resistance air duct: the air duct adopts arc no resistance air duct design, reduce wind resistance, reduce air loss, make the material flow is good, so as to increase the powder selection rate of the analysis machine.

6. New roller grinding device: roller grinding device adopts new strong sealing structure, reliable sealing, its bearings are lubricated by oil, low oil consumption, low maintenance cost.

7. Large conveying capacity: the blower adopts high-pressure centrifugal fan, which increases the air volume and air pressure and greatly improves the pneumatic conveying capacity.

8. Residual air is collected by cloth bag without dust if dyeing.

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