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Crushing and processing of shale

Shale is a kind of sedimentary rock with complex composition, but all of them have thin lamellar or lamellar joints. It is mainly a rock formed by clay deposition through pressure and temperature, but mixed with quartz, feldspar debris and other chemical substances.
Shale is a small particle formed by hardening clay material, which is easy to crack and break into obvious rock layers. A kind of clay rock. The composition is complex. In addition to clay minerals, it also contains many clastic minerals and authigenic minerals. With lamellar or lamellar bedding. It is easy to break into pieces when hit with a hard object. It is formed by compaction, dehydration and recrystallization of clay material. The ability of shale to resist weathering is weak, and low mountains and valleys are often formed due to erosion. Shale is impermeable and often becomes an impermeable layer in the distribution of groundwater.
Shale is widely used in various industries in the market. Unprocessed small shale can be used as building paving, which can not only beautify the environment, but also promote China’s economic development. However, this is only a small part of the role of shale, and a large part of shale can be used in the construction industry, And these shales need corresponding crushing processing, that is, we often say crushing.

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