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The new grinding roller device makes the pulverizer to a higher level

Although the working principle of Raymond mill is well known, each manufacturer still has its own secret recipe at the subtle key points. You have your own conclusion on who is better. Xiaobian will not comment. Let’s talk about the vulnerable parts of the pulverizer, such as the grinding roller.
Grinding roller is an important and irreplaceable “sharp tooth” for Raymond grinding powder. Equipped grinding roller can grind harder materials. For ordinary materials, maintaining the grinding roller and prolonging its service life is also beneficial to the use of the whole machine. Production efficiency urges us to make full use of time for production, and maintenance cost reminds us to use it properly and reduce expenditure. Experienced personnel also know how to maximize the use of equipment. In a word, the loss is certain, and how to generate the maximum value in the fixed loss is the problem we think about.

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