Technical features:

1.innovative main unitstructure:

Operation to form multiple blanking, improve grinding efficiency and smooth operation.

2.The new wear sleeve structure:

Improve the running stability and reliability of roller assembly.

3.New shovel device:

Shovel material is more conducive to evenly concentrated grinding between grinding roller and grinding ring, improve grinding efficiency. Removable wear-resisting blade end. long life of the blade.

4.New connecting structure between the host housingbarrel and the base:

The main engine housing cylinder will not crack permanently

5.The new main unitinspection door structure:

Reliable sealing, flexible opening and closing of access door.

6.The main unit new seal structure:

Center shaft permanent wear.The sealing parts are easy to replace and the maintenance time is only 1/4 of that of the traditional structure

7.”Maintenance-free” grinding roll assembly:

“Radial + axial” multi-layer sealing structure, more than 4 times longer refueling time.

8.wear resistant alloy material grinding rollergrinding ring:

The life of grinding roller and grinding ring is more than 3 times that of traditional high manganese steel material.

9.Classifier and main unit using articulated connection compression structure:

For disassembly and maintenance

10.The main unitair return box. the base adopts the integral casting structure:

The mill runs smoothly and has high reliability.

11.Mill system standard support: The system is easy to maintain .the mill outside system is beautiful.

12.The productions 30% higher than the traditional mill

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