5R4128 Grinding roller mill for Calcite In Columbia

Country: Columbia

Raw material: Calcium carbonate;Calcite

Input size: 10-20mm

Output size: 325 mesh ;400mesh

Capacity: 7-7.5 t/h; 6.2-6.8tph

Installation date: Mar 15th,2015

Special requirement: All motor is 440V with inverter

Noted: 5R4128 gridning roller mill has got 80% market share of the Hezhou

city,Guangxi,China.Hezhou city is famous for it white marble stone ,Also called it ”Mineral powder town in southwest ,China”

There are 5R4119,5R4121,5R4124 in the grinding roller mill market,but only Hengda mill have 5R4128 which earn highly praise form domestic and aborad clients.

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